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It is worth mentioning that the loan is granted via SMS Invest limited liability company SMS Credit. The company SMS Invest limited liability company SMS credi has been on the market since 2007, and since 2011 has been listed on the Stock Exchange. Poshaloan is a completely Polish company.

Poshaloan- new SMS Credit brand

Loan OK - new SMS Credit brand

Poshaloan specializes in online installment loans, we will complete the entire loan application process online. To receive money, we need to complete an online application, we will receive a decision on receipt of a commitment by SMS, a courier will bring the signature to us, and the money will be transferred to our account or can be picked up at a bank or post office.

Poshaloan – offer

Poshaloan - offer

The Poshaloan website works to meet the expectations of demanding customers. Its offer includes an installment loan without pledges or sureties for the amount from PLN 1,500 to even PLN 7,000. The customer can choose the loan period by using the sliders on the page. The loan repayment time can be from 6 to 30 months. It is worth mentioning that both young people and pensioners can apply for the loan, because the loan is granted to people aged 25-80.

It is very important to meet the conditions imposed on us by the lender. Otherwise, our loan application may be rejected. Let’s also remember to complete the application correctly. This will improve the process of withdrawing money from the loan, thereby fulfilling our plans.

Requirements Poshaloan

Requirements Poshaloan

The lender appreciates the reliability and responsibility of customers. Therefore, he grants loans to all those who comply with the principles of sound lending and meet the basic conditions. One of them is the right age. If we do not qualify for a loan, we should not waste time on it. Each attempt to get a loan is recorded in the BIK. It is also important to have a pesel number. So if we have proof, what’s more, we live in Poland, we can apply for additional cash. We can also apply for it if we have an active bank loan.

Poshaloan also wants every applicant to show that they have a steady income. The lender must know that he is granting credit to a person who can afford it. The loan is to solve our problems, not to cause us to fall into a spiral of debt, reaching for a loan to pay off the previous one. At Poshaloan, we can only apply for a loan if the credit risk assessment is positive. 

How to take a loan at Poshaloan?

How to take a loan at Poshaloan?

To reach an installment loan in Poshaloan, go to the lender’s website and use the sliders to indicate the loan amount you are interested in and the repayment period. After doing this, you should complete the application. You must provide all the data from our ID card. This information will be checked at a later stage of the application. Immediately after completing the application, it should be sent to the lender. When he decides to pay us the money, he will inform us via SMS what he has decided.

If it turns out that the loan was granted to us, the courier will provide us with the loan agreement to sign to the address provided in the application. By the way, you may ask us to show your ID card to verify our data. As soon as an employee of the courier company provides the lender with the contract we signed, we can collect our money. We will do it by going to the bank, by post with a GIRO check or withdrawing them from an ATM.

Loan repayment in Poshaloan

Loan repayment in Poshaloan

If we took out a loan in Poshaloan, we also received a repayment schedule for our debt. According to him, we should make payments. Let us remember that early repayment of the loan deprives us of the obligation to bear additional costs. Let us also remember that we cannot extend the repayment date of our loan. We set the installments ourselves, which is why the lender does not allow us to make further changes during the debt. However, if we have a problem paying off the loan, we should immediately report it to our lender.

The loan is repaid by transfer to the bank account specified by the lender. The loan can also be repaid by making payments at any bank, post office or at the Agency of Fees. It is worth remembering that payments at the Post Office or in the Agency of Fees should be made at least three days before the repayment date, in order to avoid delays. When we need to reach for the next loan amount, we can do it immediately after the previous regulation.

Negative credit decision – why?

Negative credit decision - why?

When reaching for a loan, we must also bear in mind that it may not be granted to us. What could be the reasons for this? First of all, entering in the register of debtors kept by the Economic Information Bureau. The lender will not grant us a loan if he sees that we have not been able to deal with payments before.

If he sees too much risk associated with granting us a loan, we also cannot count on cash. Remember that all information we provide when applying for a loan is used to check our person. The last reason that may prevent us from receiving money is the lack of contact to complete the verification procedure.

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