Borrow money without BKR review? Choose the mini loan.

With a negative BKR registration in your name, it is extremely difficult to apply for a new loan. To protect yourself, lenders will not grant you a new loan, so that you will not get into debt again or you cannot manage to pay off your loan on time. But maybe you think very differently about it and borrowing money is the way you can pay off the other loan at a later time. It is very unfortunate that borrowing money is not an option for most lenders. Fortunately, there is a loan that offers a solution: the mini loan.

Why borrow without BKR testing?

Why borrow without BKR testing?

Why do people choose to borrow without BKR testing? Lenders today are obliged to report every loan that you take out to the BKR Foundation. For example, it is visible to other lenders whether you are able to repay the loan in question on time. If this does not work for you, you will receive a negative BKR registration and other lenders will see that you are currently unable to pay off the loan. According to them, it is therefore not wise to take out another loan.

The reason why people choose to borrow without BKR testing is that it is not seen that they have a loan that they cannot manage or have not been able to pay off on time in the past. The application for a new loan from a lender who does not perform a BKR review cannot therefore be rejected for that reason.

What is a BKR registration?

What is a BKR registration?

If you take out a loan or credit with a bank, this will be registered in the Central Credit Information System of the BKR Foundation. Simply put, that is the BKR registration. This way it becomes clear how many loans you have taken out and whether you manage to pay them off on time or whether you have payment arrears.

Positive or negative BKR registration?

There is a difference between a positive and a negative BKR registration. Not every BKR registration is negative and will affect the application for loans. We explain the difference to you.

Positive BKR registration
As you can see, banks are obliged to report every loan or credit that you take out to Stichting BKR. Even if you buy a smartphone over 250 euros on installment, this is seen as a telephone credit and a notification is made. If you pay off the loan or credit on time, this BKR registration has nothing to say and certainly no negative consequences. Lenders will see that you pay your loans on time and will gladly do business with you again.

Negative BKR registration
Now it may also happen that you are repeatedly unable to pay the loan or that you have not made it due to personal circumstances. If this happens several times, a negative BKR registration will result after reminders and an official advance notice.

How do I get rid of my BKR registration?

Do you disagree with your (negative) BKR registration because you are convinced that it is unfounded? Then you can certainly try to get rid of this. You can do this by contacting the lender. Are you still having problems with the lender? Then the next step is to appeal to the independent Disputes Committee. They will make a statement that you, the lender and the BKR must adhere to. You can also choose to hire an independent company that will try to remove this negative BKR registration for you. An example of such a company that you can engage is Dynamiet Nederland. Don’t just go with every company that offers itself online. There are many that cannot be trusted.

And do you know in the back of your mind that the negative BKR registration is justified? Because you did not manage to pay off your loan on time? Then there is no alternative but to accept the negative registration and find another way to take out a new loan. We advise you to delve into a mini loan.

Choose a mini loan

Choose a mini loan

With a justified BKR registration you will most likely not get a new loan or credit from the bank. This is due to the fact that they are obliged to request your details from the BKR Foundation before they grant you the loan. And determine on the basis of that information whether you are able to repay an extra loan in time. If you are not subject to the legislation and loan standard, they will not be able to provide you with a new loan.

Because they simply cannot provide you with a new loan, you will have to look for an alternative. The mini loan is such an alternative. Credit providers who offer a mini loan are not required to first request your details from the BKR Foundation. They will therefore not see that you have payment arrears in your name.

If you opt for a mini loan you can take out an amount of up to 1500 euros. You will also have to repay this amount in a reasonably short period of time. The only drawback to a mini loan is that the interest can be as high as 14%. This is higher than with a revolving credit or personal loan. But if you manage to pay off and pay the interest, then it is a good alternative.

Choose the correct mini loan

You will see that there are a huge number of mini-loan providers online. We want to warn you that you won’t just have to take out a loan online. It is extremely important that you first carefully read the conditions. Is there nothing in the small print that you will regret later? From our experience we can advise two credit providers of mini loans: Balance dip and Ferratum. Both are parties that can be trusted and will actually deposit the money directly into your account.

“… two credit providers of mini-loans advise: Balance dip and Ferratum …”

Borrow money without a payslip

Borrow money without a payslip

Are you currently without work or a permanent contract? That too can be a reason for a bank not to grant you a loan or credit. Fortunately, even without a payslip or permanent contract, you can simply request a mini-loan. The mini loan can be requested online, without all kinds of papers and documents being requested. Partly because of this you quickly understand how much you can borrow. After your application has been approved, the amount will be on your account the same day.

How do you choose a cheap mini loan?

How do you choose a cheap mini loan?

As you may have already read, the mini-loan is a fantastic solution for someone with a negative BKR registration, or someone without a payslip or permanent contract. You can still borrow money this way. But how do you find a cheap mini loan? You do this by comparing the different providers. If not all conditions are clear at a glance, always request a quote. With several interesting quotes next to each other, you can easily discover the differences between the mini-loans and associated conditions.

Knowing more?

Do you want to know more about the exact situation with a BKR registration and how you can get rid of this? Read more in our article: How do I get rid of my BKR registration?

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